Friday, September 27, 2013

Are We Listening?

Agony In the Garden (detail) by Fra Angelico (Bl. John of Fiesole, OP)

I was contemplating the actions of the apostles while Jesus suffered His agony in the garden during my rosary this morning. A horrible thought came to mind: are we like the apostles, sleeping while our Jesus suffers indescribable agony as His precious children are wretchedly aborted - sacrificial victims to our own self-will? Sleeping, because our lives are so busy with worldly demands and delights - that we do not have time to console Jesus by joining with others in protest of this present-day holocaust!

For the past several years, 40 Days for Life Campaigns have been held in our city. I humbly and sadly admit, I did not participate as often as I should have! Overall, though, the turnouts to support Life were quite paltry compared to the number of pro-life people who live here! I have no doubt that we all have been and continue to pray for all mothers to choose life for their babies. But we are also called by the Lord to act - to come to the Garden with Him and stay awake. Yes, and to pray! Praying the rosary, our Blessed Mother assures us, is our best weapon!

On October 12, in numerous cities around the nation, Rosary Rallies will be held as an outcry against Abortion - but how many of us will take the time and make the effort to participate?  I always seem to have an excuse not to interrupt my own plans to attend this kind of event. Am I - are we - truly in sympathy with the wounded Heart of Our Dear Savior, or are we more concerned with our own comforts? Oh, Holy Spirit, please inspire us to Stand With Jesus at this Rosary Rally, to say to our city, to our country and to the world that Enough is Enough!! Oh, Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us!!

Editor's Note: A Public Square Rosary will be held in Tallahassee on Saturday, October 12, 2013 at Noon, on the grounds of the State Capital.  For more information contact local coordinator Karen Cook at 

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