Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Worldwide Novena for Election of the Next Holy Father

Beginning March 1, 2013, the first day when the Chair of Peter will be vacant, I encourage you to join in this Worldwide Novena for the Election of the Next Holy Father.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Father, send down your Spirit over the conclave.  Let the Holy Spirit inspire the hearts of the cardinals, that they may choose the man most pleasing to You, as Successor of Peter and Your Vicar on Earth.  May Mary, Your Mother and Mother of the Church, be our Advocate.  Amen.

Thank you to Mr. Mark Dunn, O.P. for forwarding this prayer from Dr. Mark Miraville, Professor of Theology and Mariology at the Franciscan University of Steubenville.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Prayer for Pope Benedict XVI (on the occassion of his resignation from the Petrine ministry)

The world of faith stands quieted,
can it truly be that Our Holy Father has,
given the flock over to the uncertainty?
To a successor to be chosen by princes?
We stop, partly saddened. Wonderment in full.
What will happen next, O God?

We trust in You!
We offer our Holy Father to Your loving care!
Thank you for the gift of the pontificate
of Joseph Ratzinger, for all the world and for all time,
Benedict XVI!

Our sadness now parts;
we trust in You as our Holy Father has
shown us so great a model of trust.
The world, O Lord, cannot overcome You.
The world can never get too big for God.
In this moment, and in all our moments,
You are lovingly with us.
So, we trust in Your care and protection, Lord Jesus.

O Holy Spirit, help the Church in this time of transition.
Be Her guide in all that is done and that transpires
over the coming weeks and months.
The faithful abandon ourselves to You, Loving Lord.
And, assist in a most special way, keeping him always near you,
our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI.
As he has served the Church and You, Lord, faithfully,
so may we, the people of God, be faithful to him in this hour.

Blessed Virgin Mary, pray for us all, and bring to your Son,
these prayers and petitions.



Monday, February 11, 2013

To All,

I'm sure that you have all heard the news by now.  But, in case you missed it or, would like to read up on this announcement I've posted some links and a statement from Cardinal Dolan.  As my good friend says: " And, we pray."

Leading the reactions on this morning's shock news of Pope Benedict's announcement of his resignation, the following statement has just been issued by the USCCB president, Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York: 
The Holy Father brought the tender heart of a pastor, the incisive mind of a scholar and the confidence of a soul united with His God in all he did. His resignation is but another sign of his great care for the Church. We are sad that he will be resigning but grateful for his eight years of selfless leadership as successor of St. Peter. 
Though 78 when he elected pope in 2005, he set out to meet his people – and they were of all faiths – all over the world. He visited the religiously threatened – Jews, Muslims and Christians in the war-torn Middle East, the desperately poor in Africa, and the world’s youth gathered to meet him in Australia, Germany, Spain and Brazil. 
He delighted our beloved United States of America when he visited Washington and New York in 2008. As a favored statesman he greeted notables at the White House. As a spiritual leader he led the Catholic community in prayer at Nationals Park, Yankee Stadium and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. As a pastor feeling pain in a stirring, private meeting at the Vatican nunciature in Washington, he brought a listening heart to victims of sexual abuse by clerics. 
Pope Benedict often cited the significance of eternal truths and he warned of a dictatorship of relativism. Some values, such as human life, stand out above all others, he taught again and again. It is a message for eternity. 
He unified Catholics and reached out to schismatic groups in hopes of drawing them back to the church. More unites us than divides us, he said by word and deed. That message is for eternity. 
He spoke for the world’s poor when he visited them and wrote of equality among nations in his peace messages and encyclicals. He pleaded for a more equitable share of world resources and for a respect for God’s creation in nature. 
Those who met him, heard him speak and read his clear, profound writings found themselves moved and changed. In all he said and did he urged people everywhere to know and have a personal encounter with Jesus Christ. 
The occasion of his resignation stands as an important moment in our lives as citizens of the world. Our experience impels us to thank God for the gift of Pope Benedict. Our hope impels us to pray that the College of Cardinals under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit choose a worthy successor to meet the challenges present in today’s world. 
Elevated to the College of Cardinals by the retiring pontiff a year ago this week, the 63 year-old Gotham prelate will be the youngest of the 11 papal electors from the US, who comprise the second-largest national bloc after Italy's 28. Statements from other key players in the impending interregnum will be posted as they're received.
Mr. Michael Pearson, O.P.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Memorial of Blessed Jordan of Saxony, OP

Perhaps lost in the shuffle this year, the memorial of Blessed Jordan falls on Ash Wednesday - February 13.  Here is a brief synopsis of his life excerpted from the Holy Dominicans publication of the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia in Nashville, TN. The complete .pdf file is available here.

Blessed Jordan of Saxony was born at Burgberg, Westphalia, around the year 1185. While studying in Paris he was attracted to the Order by Blessed Reginald of Orleans and received the habit from him in 1220. On the death of Saint Dominic the friars elected him Master of the Order. For fifteen years he ministered to his brothers and sisters by his preaching, his letters, his edition of the Constitutions, his frequent visitations and the example of his life. More than one thousand novices were attracted to the Order during the tenure of his office. He directed Blessed Diana and her community in the way of perfection and governed all his subjects with gentleness and kindness. His love for Mary, the Mother of God, expressed itself by his decree that the Salve Regina was to be sung after compline. Blessed Jordan was shipwrecked and drowned on February 13, 1237.

Blessed Jordan of Saxony (article at Dominican Province of St. Albert) 
Dominican Saints 101: Bl. Jordan of Saxony (article at Dominican Province of St. Joseph) 
Blessed Jordan of Saxony and His Love Letters (article at GodzDogz - English Dominican Students)

Blessed Jordan, ora pro nobis!